Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Introduction to Anarchism

14th February 2018 @ 20:00

Parallel to the Andrými Kitchen this Wednesday there will be a presentation on anarchism by activists visiting from the US. Among other things they will introduce principles that Andrými works around like horizontality, mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action. After we’ll have time for discussions with the possibility of telling about examples from Iceland if people are interested.
You’re very welcome to join us earlier for the cooking, starting from 17:00, and eat together around 19:00. This presentation will be followed by a talk and discussions on democracy on the 19th of February

From Democracy to Freedom

– – –
What Is Anarchism?
From the demonstrations against Trump and fascism in the US to the riots at the G20 in Hamburg, anarchists are at the forefront of many of the upheavals of our time.
What is anarchism? Is it a radical form of democracy, or libertarianism, or communism, or is it something else entirely? What forms does it take outside the context of street protests? And why is it coming back into the spotlight around the world?
Two authors and activists visiting from the United States will discuss the basic tenets of anarchism, review its contemporary history, and answer any questions you might have.
Join us for a lively discussion.
– – –
Andrými is not wheelchair accessible at the moment. There are a few steps to enter the building and there are no toilets on the ground floor. They can be reached by more stairs either on the second floor or in the basement. We’re working towards making the space accessible.
The event will be in English. If you’d like a translation please send us a message.
We’d like there to be a good atmosphere in the space where people feel well. Please check out our Solidarity Statement here:

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