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Andrými needs your support! 

Dear friends of Andrými 🖤

Andrými needs your support.

The last time we called out for support was during the restrictions of Covid-19 and the effects it had on Andrými’s ability to cover operating costs. After a while the City of Reykjavík offered Andrými an additional agreement regarding a temporary reduction of rent which was a big relief for us. Recently we submitted our financial statement for the years 2019-2022 to the city and it became clear that Andrými did not meet the requirements that the City of Reykjavík had set for the reduction to apply.

Andrými therefore has to pay retroactive rent two years back. A large part of the debt has already been paid using the savings that Andrými has, but we still need about 900,000 ISK more to be able to pay the remaining debt that is now in the hands of Momentum.

Many small things make one big thing and we hope that you can contribute something to our fundraising to help with this big debt that came as a total surprise for the Andrými community.

Although this large sum of money is needed now, Andrými has so far been sustainable. We want to continue to be sustainable, but that is only possible with voluntary donations and the most secure for us is iif people can set up monthly deposits, for example 1,500-2,500 ISK.

Last but not least, we would like to ask you to share this post so that the message reaches as many people as possible! 🌱

Account information:
ID: 421216-0100
Account no. 0133-26-012275


For those who don’t know what Andrými is, or haven’t been able to follow what is happening lately, here are a few words about what’s been going on for the last months and years:

Andrými is almost 7 years old and is today located at Bergthórugatu 20, in a yellow corrugated iron building. The building is buzzing with life and is organized and used daily by various NGOs, informal, self-organized grassroots groups as well as individuals.

In recent years, the building has increasingly been used as a meeting space for various groups, but that was exactly one of Andrými’s main goals when it was founded: to provide a free space for grassroots groups and individuals to organize a struggle in the spirit of social justice, empowerment, freedom , equality and mutual aid.

Reykjavík’s first Freedge was set up outside Andrými and has been in high demand. It is used by a large number of people and you can literally see people using it 24/7.

Past couple of weeks have been very tough for refugees. Recently a new legislation was passed that allows the state to deprive certain refugees of all services, including housing and food allowances. Displaced people have always been particularly welcome in Andrými and have throughout the years used the house a lot. This has been even more so in the last few weeks, when they have no where to go to (it should be noted that no one sleeps in Andrými, but people use the facilities during the day).

When gatherings were restricted due to Covid-19, the weekly community kitchen turned into a free super market, where people could come and pick up bags of food free of charge, but were encouraged to make voluntary donations if they could. The free super market still takes place in Andrými every other Friday and there is always a lot going on at those times!

The anarchist library, Andspyrna, is still in place, and has new additions every month. Since the library moved to Bergþórugata, a new feminist and queer category has been created with a lot of exciting titles.

And much, much more. It is best to follow on our website, or on Facebook and Instagram (which has just been launched, better late than never, or what?)

In solidarity, as always,

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