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how to host an event

First thing: find an empty spot on the calendar!

Please note that the Open Hours events are not meant to occupy the space and prevent other events from happening.  Multiple events may take place at the same time, but cancelling the Open Hours on a particular date is always an option if necessary.

Then, read over the guidelines and hardlines found below.

Last, enter your details here.

Guidelines & hardlines:
There are three hardline points – all host/groups must accept these:
*The event cannot be connected to political parties in any way.
*Hosts must explain how they account for accessibility in their event.
*Hosts must read and acknowledge Andrými’s solidarity statement.
There are 6 guideline points. Any event to be hosted in Andrými will have to relate to at least one of these points and can not actively stand against any of the points.

  1. Organising of marginalised groups and oppressed groups (e.g. refugees, women, immigrants, queer people, etc.)
  2. Support of the natural world.
  3. Anti-Capitalism
  4. Encouraging/informing about participation in collective economic and political decision-making.
  5. Mutual aid (e.g. exchanges/swaps/community kitchens/education)
  6. Solidarity

Please go over our checklist for groups using the space, and leave the space how you would like to find it.

We do not host any event for political parties.
This might include available seating, interpretation, childcare, food or input minimization. Our accessibility policy can be found here:
please check availabity on
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