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Andrými needs your support! 

Dear friends of Andrými 🖤 Andrými needs your support. The last time we called out for support was during the restrictions of Covid-19 and the effects it had on Andrými’s ability to cover operating costs. After a while… Read More

Anarchy Radio – Week 5

Culture of nothingness: “Into the Void” by Kyle Chayka (01-24 NYTM). The loneliness pandemic. A few anti-civ take. WSJ reports “A Bid Bet on an Antiseptic Future.” Orbital congestion points to satellite collisions with dire consequences. Ongoing collapse… Read More

SPYCOPS: Exposing Undercover Policing of Activist Movements

How far is the State willing to go in order to suppress resistance? Well, pretty far—indeed! Last month, the Guardian’s podcast series Today in Focus published a two-part show (see links below) about the demoniac lengths to which… Read More

October 2020 episode of “BAD NEWS” anarchist radio show

*Text taken from* Welcome to BAD News for October, 2020, episode 39. This month we’ll be hearing from: Radiozones of Subversive Expressions in Athens, Greece, on the topics of school squats, Omada Laikon Agoniston, Pagrati Filolaou, SVEOD and… Read More

Video tour and online concert of Vestur í bláin – multidisciplinary art project on immigration in Iceland

For the past month or so Andrými has had the privilege of hosting a part of the multidisciplinary art project ‘Vestur í bláinn’, which interacts with the topic and experience of immigration in Iceland “presenting a poetic and… Read More

Activist deemed “guilty” by court for participation in a sit-in protest.

Yesterday a decision was announced in the case of the state vs. Kári Orrason, who took part in a sit-in protest at the ministry of justice during their regular opening time. Kári was found guilty and as a… Read More

Main hearing in court case against person arrested for a sit-in protest last year

Today a court hearing is taking place against an activist who participated in a sit-in in the ministry of justice last year, more precisely on april 4th 2019. 5 people were arrested that day in total, who all… Read More

Anarchy Radio – Week 36

Pandemic realities (e.g. domestication, density).  Civilization 101. “Sapient paradox” – why so very recent appearance of symbolic culture? Industrial disaster of the week. Mind-machine obscenities. Poverty of art today. Coastal cities of the world subsiding. Action briefs. Listen… Read More

August 2020 episode from anarchist radio “Bad News”

Episode 37 (08/2020) *Text copied from* Welcome to the 37th edition of Bad News. This is your Angry Voices From Around The World for August, 2020. In this episode you will hear contributions from: 1. A call… Read More

Anarchist Studies Conference: Open and Online

The Anarchist Studies Network is a network for people working anarchism in its many forms. Its aim is to encourage the study of anarchism within academia and to create links between academia and those engaged in activism. Every… Read More