Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

From Democracy to Freedom

19th February 2018 @ 20:00

Join us for a presentation and discussions on democracy, following an introduction to anarchism taking place the 14th of February.
– – –
Democracy is the most universal political ideal of our day. George
Bush invoked it to justify invading Iraq; Obama congratulated the
rebels of Tahrir Square for bringing it to Egypt; Occupy Wall Street claimed to have distilled its pure form. From the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the autonomous region of Rojava, practically every government and popular movement calls itself democratic.
And yet it was democracy that brought Donald Trump to power, not to mention Adolf Hitler.
What is democracy, precisely? How can we defend ourselves against democratically-elected tyrants? What is the difference between government and self-determination? Drawing on the latest book from the CrimethInc. collective, the presenters will explore these questions and more. Join us for a lively discussion!
– – –
Andrými is not wheelchair accessible at the moment. There are a few steps to enter the building and there are no toilets on the ground floor. They can be reached by more stairs either on the second floor or in the basement. We’re working towards making the space accessible.
The event will be in English. If you’d like a translation please send us a message.
We’d like there to be a good atmosphere in the space where people feel well. Please check out our Solidarity Statement here: