Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Rent is pulling us under.

Dear friends and comrades,
As the month of March comes close to an end and spring moves in. We have to ask once again for your support to keep andrými open. The last months have been financially heavy for andrými due to misunderstanding with the city of Reykjavík which led to us having to pay almost double rent for some months.
If we do not manage to get more steady monthly income, we will have to close the space down in two months.
In order to make ends meet we need around 70 more people to donate 2500 kr monthly. It only takes 5-10 minutes to arrange it in your online bank.
Kt. 421216-0100
Account: 0133-26-012275
A group in andrými recently organised a raffle to motivate people to put up regular monthly donations to the space. Let us know via messenger, instagram og e-mail if you manage to put up monthly donations and you get 10 tickets for the raffle.
Andrými is solely financed by people from the community donating at events, grassroot groups donating when they can and via monthly bank transfers from individuals who think it is important to have a leftist, self-organised, radical social center existing in Reykjavík.
Thank you for your solidarity,
andrými caretakers

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