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Workers’s protest and statement

In June, the workers of Messinn restaurant had been waiting for their wages for 4 months. Messinn closed during COVID-19 due to bankruptcy but has now reopened and hired new workers with no intention of paying the old ones who worked without getting paid for four whole months.

Last Saturday the ex-workers of Messinn had a protest outside of the newly opened restaurant, informing people about the maltreatment of workers. The protest resulted in the restaurant being closed for that evening.

Here below is a statement from the Messin workers about their protest:

We the workers of Messinn have not been paid our wages for 4 months. Now Messinn has been sold to a new owner. We have not seen a single cent from this sale. Tómas Þóriddsson, the new owner is happily using the name and reputation of Messinn, which we have built up with our unpaid labour, but washes his hands off the wage theft. None of us, who have built this company and are still waiting for our unpaid wages, have been asked back to work.

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