Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

what is andrými?

and-: breathe, spirit, opposition
-rými: space

what is andrými?
andrými is a radical social space in reykjavík. by radical, we mean it is a place for change and action at the roots. it is a place of resistance and for fighting oppression. it is a place for people to come together to create culture, educate and inform each other and organise in their collective struggles. it is collectively organised, it is non-commercial and it is non-profit.

radical: change or action relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something.

what happens in andrými?
andrými is a place for radical groups, projects and community events to organise in. in andrými, people come together to share, to listen, to discuss, plan protests, play music, tell stories, cook together, watch films, read, make friends, dance and laugh. people drop in for the open hours to chill and check out  books from Andspyrna, the icelandic anarchist library.
andrými is not connected to any political party and does not host events related to political parties.
you can see information about past and upcoming events, here and facebook page.