Sep 30 – Oct 1 · in the The Tin Can Factory · Reykjavík

Raust ! – falls festival.


We are confined and bound by the world around us, but creativity and compassion are strengths that are ours to use – come to Raust and help them flourish!

Raust is a radical festival this autumn that takes place over the last weekend in September in the Tin Can Factory, Borgartún 1. It is hosted by the radical social centre Andrými, before it moves to its next home in Iðnó in November. Here we will have organising workshops, socialising, food, music and a space to hang out and find community and help in whatever we want to achieve.

We want Raust to be accessible to anyone who wants to participate. This means, among other things, that there will be a kid’s area, wheelchair access is guaranteed, and we will be taking donations for entrance. (If you have any suggestions regarding accessibility, feel free to send a message!)

Here is the programme, final list and timings to be confirmed:

Saturday 30 September: (main languages English and Icelandic)
12:00 – 19:00 Workshops and discussions . Some examples:
– Sluts and radicals – radical mass movements in Iceland.
– Fire your boss! How to organise in the workplaces
– How to be a white accomplice – moving beyond allying with marginalised groups
– Lift up your voices! Rebel songs to fan the flames of discontent
– Learning from our mistakes – security and risk management around political actions.
– Practical steps for supporting refugees
-Everything you ever wanted to know about sex work (except not really)
19:00 Shared dinner cooked together
22:00 – 01:00 Concerts: Captain Syrup, Dead Herring, etc.

Sunday October 1st;
12:00 – 18:00 Training with the Clandestine Insurrectional Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA).***
18:00 Shared dinner cooked
21:00 Concert: TBC

*** For the CIRCA workshop you need to sign up by sending an e-mail to There will be a continuation of this workshop the tuesday after.
(Of course every one is welcome to the hangout area, for dinner and concert!s)

Here, as in all events hosted by Andrými, there is no room for any form of bigotry and hatred, and such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Apart from the workshops and concerts, there will be space for relaxing, drinking coffee, chatting, listening to music or reading books from Andspyrna, Reykjavík’s radical library. The kids’ area will be open during the festival and we will also have a bike fixing space with some tools and advice for fixing your bike up for winter.

So come, learn, teach, share and find tools to help yourself and your communities to flourish in the winter to come!



Each Wednesday from 1800, Andrými hosts an open kitchen in which brings together Icelanders, foreign residents, low income workers, tourists, and asylum seekers in a social and intentional way. These weekly gatherings have been incredibly successful, with consistent attendance of both regulars and new faces each week. At this we also raise some money – through donations – for Andrými’s running costs.

Friday, June 16 at 19h30
Fokk the Glock undirbúningsfundur í Andrými

Andrými will be open this friday night to meet up and prepare the planned demonstration saturday against the strange and horrifying decision of the newly founded “National Security Council” to have heavily armed police stand guard (against what or whom is still very unclear, but the main threat seems to be “the high numbers of foreign citizens, both those who work and dwell here, travelers, asylum seekers and so on and so forth.” ( )

19145862_835333236623534_4136909217130470781_nLets meet this totally unneccesary and absurd arming of the Icelandic police with solidarity and love. The discourse around the matter has xenophobia and racism written all over it.

Lets meet, make signs, discuss and brainstorm about how to make clear to those who do not see it now that guns are not the solution to terrorism in the West (nor are they of the terrorism in the East, often inflicted by western “democratic” countries. )

See you at Klapparstígur 19!

P.S. Fokk the Glock!

Friday, June 23 from 18 to 20.19105581_835654486591409_1230617723946014709_n

Andrými is having a swap exchange! Bring your unwanted clothes, books and things and let them go to shiny futures in new hands and homes.

Even if you don’t have anything to swap, please come and help yourself to donated items for free, help reduce landfill, drink tea with us and relax with a book from our anarchist library. And if you feel like throwing some króna into our rent fund for a new activist social centre in Reykjavík, we’ll have a donation box too!

Fundraising events

hórmónar, dauðyflin and rythmatík are coming together at húrra to play for andrými (a space to breathe) in reykjavík.
sick of monotony, enough bullshit, bodies fidgeting from rashes of injustice and exclusion.
let´s shake it off, scream it off, dance it off.
profits go to Andrými, a radical social space in reykjavík. sweating, enthusiastic, panting, we blow life into a space for action, a space for creation.
entrance fee is 1500 kronas, doors open at 21:00, music starts at 22:00.
Future fundraisers to be advertised soon!

Past events

We had the pleasure of hosting and facilitating the organising of a variety of events including:

  • lectures and discussions e.g. on technology, or foreign politics, or organising rural projects
  • screenings of political movies on topics like gender binary, radical ecology, political resistance in other countries, history…
  • skill sharing workshops
  • workshops related to gender politics
  • meetings and workshops of different political activist groups
  • fundraising to support various struggles and causes
  • music and dance