and-: breathe, spirit, opposition

-rými: space.

Many people come to Andrými – from newborns to great-grandparents, people from distant continents and lifelong Reykvíkingar, people of all genders and sexualities. We extend particular welcome to refugees and migrants. We also generally share a commitment to finding and building community, showing tolerance to each other, and working for collective liberation. Andrými also has a relationship of mutual aid and symbiosis with various organisations that work in line with its values. However, based on past experience we don’t associate with political parties,

There is currently a small group of people that are helping with event logistics and organising the growth of Andrými, and other groups working on other projects such as a weekly open kitchen. We aim to further decentralise, democratise and horizontalise decisionmaking as much as possible.

Andrými is currently hosted in a temporary shared space in the back house of Klapparstígur 19. This has been useful for it to put down roots, but we are actively looking for a new permanent space and ways to fund it, so that we may be open daily and accessible to all people. Currently, we have flat access but no accessible toilet. There is a kitchen, projector, and many seats and surfaces. There is also a part of the anarchist library Andspyrna, the rest of which will be brought in when a permanent space is established.

Each individual has a slightly different conception of Andrými, and this is as it should be. However, there are commonalities. Andrými has a radical purpose, specifically facilitating social and environmental justice, human liberation, tolerance and freedom of thought and action. It is also radical in its existence and organisation, challenging ideas of ownership, hierarchy, and the commodification of our world, and nurturing new kinds of culture, understanding, and social relations. Its name means, amongst other things, “breathing space” – in it you should feel able to shelter, gather, reflect, learn, organise, and then take that with you when you leave.