Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Video tour and online concert of Vestur í bláin – multidisciplinary art project on immigration in Iceland

For the past month or so Andrými has had the privilege of hosting a part of the multidisciplinary art project ‘Vestur í bláinn’, which interacts with the topic and experience of immigration in Iceland “presenting a poetic and sensitive approach to notions of foreignness“. ( )

Recently we got this mail from the organisers and initiators of the project:

“Dear team of Andrými,
Thank you again for hosting Vestur í bláinn !
Because we couldn’t make the guided bus tour to all the locations over the last month (due to the new wave of Covid), we made a video tour.
Feel free to share it !
Also on Tuesday the 20th of october at 8 pm we will have an online live concert of the album Vestur í bláinn on Facebook:
Best regards,
Claire & Julius “

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