Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

In solidarity against xenophobia and a life-hating system.

We want to encourage people to show up to the protest against systematic xenophobia, neglect and hatred.

Thursday 25th of June a house on Bræðraborgarstígur burnt to ashes resulting in the death of three people. Authorities have known that fire safety in the house was non-existant along with the conditions of mould being extremely bad in the house.

5 years later authorities have done nothing and the house caught fire resulting in this tragedy. Maybe nothing was done because the government has put it’s emphasis elsewhere, with the police bragging about and promoting racial profiling, buying a border-guarding car and arresting foreign workers that may or may not have some papers.

At the same time the icelandic owners of companies, who hire foreign workers and use their vulnerable position to pay them illegally way too low salary and force them to stay in unacceptable housing conditions, get no punishment or retributions.

The capitalist chase for endless economic growth and profit does not create or support a sustainable, life-enhancing condition for any form of life, be it men (except for the 1%), other animals or plants.

Show up, in solidarity.
Against xenophobia and against a system that treats living beings like money should really be treated: as worthless paper.

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