Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Smoky incense making workshop / Verkstæði fyrir reykelsi / Warsztaty robienia kadzideł

19th June 2023 @ 18:00 – 20:00
Kinga Kozłowska

There’s no need to buy incense sticks, white sage or palo santo shipped from abroad when you can learn to make your own natural incense from wild plants that are growing in your neighbourhood or from ingredients you are likely to have in your kitchen (like cinnamon powder).

During the workshop you will have a chance to:

🌋make your own herbal incense bundles from wild plants growing near the sidewalks and in parks/green areas of Reykjavik
🌋make your own incense cones from spices and essential oils
🌋 learn about the cultural aspects of incense burning and smudging, how&why is it practiced in different parts of the world
🌋practice your sense of smell
🌋enjoy 2 hours in a relaxing atmosphere and get to know some new people

All of the materials for experimentation will be provided and I will tell you more about the species of plants we are going to use and where to find them in Reykjavik. I will also bring some essential oils and spice powders for the incense cones.

The incense bundles and cones will be yours to take with you back home, where it’s going to take several days for them to dry out and be ready for burning.

I believe that sensorial engagement with nature is a form of self-care and that it can have therapeutic effects. This stands in agreement with scientific findings and with indigenous wisdom from all around the world.
I hope that the workshop is going to inspire you to pay more attention to the plants and other species you encounter, as well as creatively and respectfully incorporate those plants into your everyday life.

About the workshop host: I’m training in psychotherapy and studying anthropology. I mostly live in Warsaw, Poland, but I’ve been coming to Iceland as a migrant worker for years and this summer I’m here again. You can also check out my kimchi-making workshop this month.

The workshop is for ~10 people. There are two dates available, you can choose to come either on the 10th (17:00-19:00) or on the 19th of June (18:00-20:00). Please sign up by writing me an email –

Suggested donation is: 2500isk.

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