Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Shape of the "Other" to come // Czy "Inność" nadejdzie

31st March 2018 @ 20:00 – 22:00

…but what do you mean by “the Other”? i’d hear it frequently after gigs and performances; “that surely was something e l s e”. oh, was it? that’s like one ideal casual commentary. it doesn’t even imply neither negativity nor positivity. and yet, when we contact with an object from which we differ, it’s hardly ever neutral. but not in an easy dichotomic way – it’s tricky to decode. which assumptions were quick, which were not rooted in our own preferences? one can easily fall for hatred or fetishization of the Other. capitalist society made us all dive unconsciously into the perils of individualism early at our lives, where we swirl around neglecting and embracing our unclear otherness.
it needs contemplation and critique. self-critique, perhaps? that’s what on our (?) minds.
the music this night will be provided by Kinga Kozłowska (aka Teenage Lightning), Szymon Keler and Miłosz Cirocki (aka Niemy Dotyk). we will be playing collage DJ sets about our understanding of the notion of the Other. the political frame is obvious – we’re all Poles, semi-proud leaders of immigration, with basic Icelandic skills, and we are asking ourselves, how do we perceive our otherness here? but the metaphorical sense remains open to interpretation, and that’s what we invite you to.

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