Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Presentation: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance! Hambacher Forst Bleibt!

20th September 2018 @ 19:00 – 21:00

Presentation: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance! Hambacher Forst Bleibt!
7 PM, Thursday, 20th of September, Andrymi.

An independently organised event.

This wants to be a brief presentation and discussion about the powerful resistance movement against one of the most unnecessary imposed megaproject of coal mining in Germany. The talk will sum-up the actions of this large movement since 2012, when the first occupation of the Hambacher forest took place, until today when the occupation is threatened with eviction as we speak and a huge Ende Gelande (#stopdigging, #KeepItInTheGround) action is planned for the end of October.
The presentation wants to take a look at the way resistance is build around this case, and less about the industry which is opposing. On one hand there are the occupiers of the forest, which struggle daily on the spot against the company’s machines and exploitation; on the other hand, there is a self-organized campaign of direct action which took incredible sizes, being spread through the masses of activists, different formal and non-formal groups and individuals. Some lines of possible actions will be presented at the end and open discussions expected.
The discussions will take place in English.

The building is currently not wheelchair accessible, unfortunately, but it is our top priority to make it so. An architect is already working on drawing a ramp and making an accessible bathroom in the space.
There is a step before the garden gate and then 5 steps leading to the main entrance, each 17 cm high, door widths in the building vary between 50 cm (upstairs washroom door) and 80 cm (entrance door), and the washrooms are so far only on the upper floor and in the basement. The door to the meeting room is 75 cm wide (as most other doors in the building).Both washrooms in the building are gender neutral.