Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Lunch and crafts – welcoming art space

1st March 2020 @ 15:00 – 17:00

Lunch and crafts is a cyclic meeting program destined for everyone who would be interested in spending time with people while fulfilling themselves artistically. We will be hanging out every other Sunday at lunch time in Andrymi’s cosy room. It’s an occasion not only to do some crafts, but also to make new friends. Every meeting we will be focusing on different genre of art. If you have a creative mind, but you prefer to express it in a company of people, join us and let’s create together!
If you have some tools and materials (old clothes, tshirts, caps etc. are also good), bring them, if not – we will share.
During meetings we will not only eat lunch and create together, it is also a chance for you to shine. If you would like to sing, read poetry or make art this time even more pleasant, you are welcome to come and use the space as a place of a free expression.
The goal is to destine products of our common work for future fundraising helping the cause of keeping Andrými alive and healthy. (But if you would like to make something only for yourself, that’s ok too!)
The meeting will take place on Sunday from 15:00


The Andrými house has it limits regarding accessibility. We are willing to meet any requests about improving accessibility or assisting anyone that asks.
There is a step before the garden gate and then 5 steps leading to the main entrance, each 17 cm high, door widths in the building vary between 50 cm (upstairs washroom door) and 80 cm (entrance door).
The bathrooms are so far only on the upper floor and in the basement. The door to the meeting room is 75 cm wide (as most other doors in the building). There is no bathroom on the ground floor. The event takes place on the first floor.
Both washrooms in the building are gender neutral.


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