Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Global preliminary meeting for building a broad confluence of bottom-up democratic structures to overcome the planetary ecological emergency

8th September 2019 @ 10:00 – 21:00

10h – 12h Process 1 *

15.30- 17.30 h Contents 3 how to build processes of democratic confederalism

how we build it in one region where still nothing like that exist?

This would include to think together about a process where we are building a new system/meaning a new arquitecture of agreements/laws in a territory ruled by a nation/state, (include Route of power)

We have to include the use of strategical desobedience, the hack of legal systems to protect our process, etc.

Dual power theories should be included in this discusion,

The politics of libertarian municipalism

Building community where community no longer exists – everything in democratic confederalism extends from the basic layer. Community ties -> Political community -> Assemblies -> Taking local power -> Confederation -> Dual power.

The role of the revolutionary organisation – democratic confederalism fails without it. Which would be the adaptation of this kind of organization in western countries?

Revolutionary practice – thinking about how our means must be the same as our ends.

Avoiding co-optation by the State

The importance of political education How to acheive popular political education? Without it, the movement will fail, as we have been taught by examples in the US.

18 – 21 workshops 2 **

* Process meetings will be run as it was a long assembly distributed in different periods of 2 hours. We are adding topics to the general discusion and will control the times during the meetings. Introduction: The short process until this preliminary meeting what this space is aiming to become, how should be organized, ( delegation and decision taking methods ), who should be part of it, (can we all agree in the same vision?), how do we collaborate with other existing, initiatives/processes which share similiar visions?- whilst avoiding cooptation. goals and roadmap in one year. a main event for june/july 2020 ?

– The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies will be happening at the end of June of 2020 so we need to think strategically on whether and how we want to collaborate with them and take this into account when setting the date of the bigger meeting (would be happy to facilitate this discussion).

– perhaps our main event in 2020 could be distributed by continents, making possible to reduce travel impact a and expand the participation to much more people, more bottom up, in coherence with democratic confederalism

** Workshops meetings

A workshop is a small group meeting which could have different reasons:-

– to explain a specific knowledge or experience

– to discuss and develop a proposal to be presented later in plenary

– to discuss a topic with much more detail than in plenary.

– to train in specific habilities.

– …..

A workshop needs one person or collective responsible of it.

In general the workshops will be offline or online, any physical participant or online participant could propose one at least the day before, and invite others to join.

The agenda will be updated daily with the info about the workshops and how to access them.

Accessibility: Andrými is highly unaccessible for people with disabilities. The group organising offers that if there is anyone willing to join with specific disability they will do their best to work around the accessibility issue with personal assistance.

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