Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Enough. Gather in Solidarity.

3rd June 2020 @ 16:30 – 18:30
101 Reykjavík

In solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters in the United States of America, we will be gathering at Austurvollur to stand in defiance against the system of White supremacy that continues to murder Black people. It is important that allies assume the role of allyship during this event to protect Black people, ensure a safe space for everyone, and prioritize Black voices above your own. Jeffrey Guarino and Asantewa Feaster will be moderators for the event. The demonstration will begin with reading the names of Black people murdered at the hands of police officers and then, 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence to represent the length of time it took to murder George Floyd. There will be speakers discussing White supremacy, the institutional use of the police to suppress Black people, and how you can put your White privilege into actions to protect Black people. The demonstration will close with remarks from Asantewa Feaster.

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