Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

CryptoParty – Hands-on p2p Workshop on Digital Self-Defense

23rd July 2019 @ 19:15 – 21:00

Privacy is a space where ideas can thrive. A retreat, both physical and
digital, where you can explore and experiment whenever you want to.
Governments and companies seem increasingly unwilling to respect this
fundamental human right of informational self-determination, so we have
to take matters into our own hands.

CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over
the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in
the digital space.

Today, we will try to get an idea of how the internet works and how we
can use privacy enhancing add-ons in our regular browser (Firefox) to
protect ourselves from being tracked while browsing the web. Also, we
will be talking about staying anonymous online using the Tor Browser.

To try out the programs and apps, bring your laptop or smartphone.

CryptoParties are free and open to everyone – beginners are particularly
welcome! All questions are beautiful!

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