Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Complex PTSD Lecture

22nd September 2020 @ 17:30 – 19:30

Pete Walker’s Complex-PTSD theory – What it is, how it works and ways to heal it

Pete Walker is an American psychotherapist who has specialised in the treatment of complex post-traumatic stress for over thirty years.
The lecture will mostly be based around his book ‘Complex PTSD – From surviving to thriving’ which outlines his theories about how CPTSD is formed, how it manifests psychologically, emotionally and interpersonally and his multi-dimensional approach to healing it.

This theory and it’s practical approach has been one of the corner stones in my own mental-emotional healing/growth for about 5 years and I want to share it’s main contents as well as some of my own experience with this work.
The purpose of the event is mainly to create space for education and discussion, not group therapy.

Some of the topics discussed will most likely be emotionally charged and potentially triggering for many people and I will do my best to make everybody feel as safe as possible. For example by stressing the importance of speaking from ones own experience and avoiding assuming other people’s experiences.

Among the topics discussed will be:
Trauma, triggers, emotional flashbacks, emotional violence, abusive/neglectful/dysfunctional parenting and family dynamics, different types of trauma responses, toxic-shame, guilt, anger, rage, grief and grieving, healing.

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