Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Holistic Veganism w/Jamey Ellis

An independently organised event:

6pm- Dialogue
8pm- Vegan Potluck

Jamey Ellis would like to promote veganism as a synonym of compassion.

Join him for an open dialogue where he will introduce holistic veganism and it’s intersectionality with numerous other topics like humanitarianism, classism, sexism, racism, feminism, environmentalism, speciesism, and much more.

The goal of the night is not to convert people into veganism. It will be to provoke thoughts around ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion and having integrity in whatever it is you believe in.

Jamey defines holistic veganism as the practice of care for all living beings and their home environments, through the lenses of inter-being and intersectionality, with veganism as tool and philosophy that illustrates their actuality.

He has been vegan for 16 years and practices gift economy, unschooling, non-competition, sustainable consumerism and living, personal zero waste management, and other philosophical and practical tools to pursue and promote ahimsa towards each other and the planet.

The evening will begin with the dialogue at 6pm. At 8pm we will enjoy a vegan potluck. Bring your favorite dish to share and inspire others. If you can not come for the talk, then just come for the dinner.

This event is free, open to all people, and will be in English.

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