Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

Queer Short Film Night w/ Q&A: “Fyrirgefðu” (I’m Sorry) & More!

16th August 2019 @ 18:00 – 19:30

Hinsegin gegn kúgun // Queers Against Oppression

3 short & queer films will be screened!

“Fyrirgefðu” (I’m sorry) started as a graduation film from the Icelandic Film School. It tackles a taboo subject: spousal abuse in queer relationships.
The writer and director, Lovísa Lára, sent the film to a few festivals, and to date it has been screened on five continents and won several awards.
The Q&A with Lovísa and actor Ingunn Blöndal will be in English.

BABES ROLL OUT is a manifest, a celebration and a utopia, created by Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir and Sanna Carlson made especially for queers, bisexual and lesbians to enjoy.
A room where our love, our longing, our sexuality is at the center.
A room where we point a sexy middle finger towards the heterosexual norm of society.
A room in which we are the best existing thing.
Directed by Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir
Written by Sanna Carlson & Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir
Produced by Brynhildur Thorarinsdottir & Sanna Carlson
Director of Photography: Sanna Carlson
First Assistant Director: Anneli Ström-Villaseca
Editor & Colorist: Sanna Carlson
Original Music & Sound Design: Niki Yrla

That’s what Friends are for: Annelie’s menstruation cup is stuck inside her and her friend Lovisa is helping her to get it out. Maybe a spoon will do the trick, or chopsticks? Should we try a carrot? Where did you put the lubricant? A short story about friendship and always helping you best gal out.

DIRECTOR: Brynhildur Thórarinsdóttir
LENGTH: 6 min.
PRODUCER: Brynhildur Thórarinsdóttir.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Vera Theander.


There is a step before the garden gate and then 5 steps leading to the main entrance, each 17 cm high, door widths in the building vary between 50 cm (upstairs washroom door) and 80 cm (entrance door).
The bathrooms are so far only on the upper floor and in the basement. The door to the meeting room is 75 cm wide (as most other doors in the building). There is no bathroom on the ground floor.
Both washrooms in the building are gender neutral. The event takes place downstairs.