Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

MySpiritWay – The Complete Session

6th October 2021 @ 18:00 – 20:00

The unique combination of breathing and meditation, based on years of experience…

Most people claim that when they engaged fully in the session they experienced magical inner calmness and accumulated stress dissolved.
The mind was completely silenced. Deep joy and happiness filled the whole being.

Thanks to regular practice you will be able to purify your energetic system and find the inner balance.

Thanks to connecting powerful breathing, senses withdrawal, and concentration it’s possible to experience “Meditative Absorption”.

This description is merely a peak of the iceberg 🙂
Come and experience it by yourself :))
We have regular weekly sessions on Wednesdays at 18:00.
PS. Please come punctually 🙂


Regular sessions are for all people of all ages. If someone cannot sit on the floor it’s perfectly fine to use a chair or even lay down.
The event will be held in English, however, if you need some guidance in Polish – feel free to ask. Everybody is welcomed.

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