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what we stand for

13403282_638346986322161_809712004520317618_oNo place is neutral,neither is Andrými, in its self-organisation and what it facilitates, it is dedicated to liberation, empowerment and mutual aid of all kinds, both with other people and in support of the natural world. its purpose is to provide a space for grassroots organising, and a welcoming space for those who have none, particularly refugees.


andrými serves to help the cause of intersectionality, and thus to help join the fights against all kinds of oppression. it also works to promote the cultural values of tolerance, equality, creativity, connection with nature, autonomy of thought and action, freedom, and social justice. as a community, we give special welcome and work to empower non-conformists and those that come from marginalized groups, such as migrants, refugees, queer people, women, people of colour, disabled people, low-wage workers, young people and so on.

at the same time, andrými aims to discourage as much as possible the valuing of hierarchy, wealth, social status and traditional social roles and provides a place for those who wish to work against the social ills that come from these roots. fundamentally, andrými is an institution that works to oppose alienation, through building community and culture.


almost all political parties claim to share at least some of andrými’s purpose. andrými does not involve itself in party politics – there are plenty of spaces and resources dedicated to that. andrými does not make money either, and stands in opposition to those who worship it or use it to dominate other people. following in the ancient Icelandic tradition of self organizing; in andrými people are encouraged not only to do things themselves, but to do things together. we welcome all groups and organizations that share our aims.