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In the last year, Andrými has gone from being an idea to a real place that has seen hundreds pass through its doors. In November 2017 Andrými moved to a larger space on the second floor of Iðnó (Vonarstræti 3). This space is a short term space and Andrými looks for a new permanent place to move into.

The goals in creating a more permanent space for Andrými are both to maintain its current practices while expanding its presence and usefulfulness to the community. After the space moved to Iðnó it became possible to uphold fixed opening hours through volunteer work. A specific focus is made on inclusion of migrants and refugees. 

There are many organizations in the capital area that have expressed interest in a social center as we are proposing (see a list of the groups here). These groups may be interested in using Andrými as a meeting space, providing financial support, or simply support the idea of such a space existing in Reykjavík.

As we search for a new location for Andrymi, there are a few hard requirements in mind. The space must be large, centrally located and close to public transportation stops, especially for migrants and asylum seekers traveling from outside the city. The space must be accessible for all individuals regardless of ability. It must also have a kitchen suitable for the weekly open dinners. If possible, we would like to run a “pay-what-you-want” café using food that would otherwise be wasted. Also depending on the space which we move to, we may provide office space for organizations with aligned values and missions, or repair workshops, or music practice space, or many other things.

The future of Andrými depends largely on the possibility of a permanent housing. Andrými needs a place where it can root it self, so it may grow along with the people who use and uphold the space.