Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik


Feminist Film Festival: Decorations Project
Apr 11 – May 4 all-day

This is not an event as such, but instead will be an open project running until the 4th May (estimation) in which we will be creating sustainable decorations for the Feminist Film Festival (5th – 8th May).

The themes that we have discussed so far will be surrounding: floral elements for the new spring season, lots of colours to encompass the colours of the FFF logo (pride and trans flag colours), inclusion of female writing in the way of printed scripts, screen plays, poetry, books which will be transformed into said decorations, and incorporation of textile in the way of drapes, bunting etc. The main element was also to make sure that all decorations come from recycled materials.

We will be using one of the rooms in the house in which all work will be stored neatly when not in use. Myself (Imogen) and my working partner on this (Salvor) will be coming in and out of the space frequently due to our busy and ever-changing schedules, meaning we will be in the house when we have spare time. Our plan is to find some extra bodies who are interested in feminism, sustainability and art who might want an opportunity to work on this short project with us, meet others with shared interests and help to make these decorations the best they can be.

People wondering the house whilst we are there working will also be encouraged to join in if they wish. We aim for these decorations to be as simple as possible to create, so anyone can join in:)