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donate using íslandsbankinn’s website

Here is a tutorial on how to set a monthly donation to andrými

  • Click on “Online banking” (is. “Netbankinn”).01
  • Type in your username and password, then click on “Connect”.02
  • Click on “SMS” and type in the code you receive. Then click on “Connect” (is. “Tengjast”).03
  • Click on “Payments”.04
  • Click on “Regular payments”. 05
  • Type in the amount you wish to donate and the bank account details of andrými as shown in the screenshot.
    Bank: 0133, Ledger: 26, Account Number (IBAN): 012275, Id. No.: 4212160100.
    Then choose when, how often and for how long the donation should be repeated.
    For instance in the screenshot the donation will happen “Monthly” at the “first day of month” from “01.04.2017” to “01.05.2018”.
    Confirm by clicking on “Continue”.06
  • Check all the details, type in your PIN number and click on “Confirm”. Now the money will be automatically withdrawn on the chosen date.07

Thank you for supporting andrými if you want to get involved please contact us.