Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

leikfanga og barnafata skiptimarkaður // toy and children's clothes swap

12th November 2017 @ 12:00 – 14:00

We know our children never stop growing but clothes, toys and books don’t grow with them. That’s why we organise this swap event for children’s clothes and toys. The idea is that you bring the stuff that your kids don’t need anymore and you can take home the things you and your children like and can make use of. The rules are simple: 1. Do you have books, shoes, clothes, toys or anything else that your children don’t need anymore? Please, bring them, ideally organised by size. 2. Do you find something you like for your kids? Feel free to take it! 3. Spend some quality time with good friends and like-minded people, and above all have fun! By attending this event you will make sure that your old items find new owners, either other swapers or the Red Cross. We don’t check or count what you bring, just take what you like.
As accessible as Andrými is.

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