Bergþórugata 20, 101, Reykjavik

holistic safety & legal rights in demonstrations // réttindi og öryggi í mótmælum

7th September 2019 @ 11:00 – 15:00
Oktavía Hrund

An independently organised event hosted by Oktavia and Olga. NOTE: BOTH THE PROTEST ROOM AND THE LIBRARY ARE RESERVED FOR THE EVENT.

Partaking in demonstrations is a necessary act of societal participation. Doing so in a safer way and knowing your rights in Iceland is fundamental to any act of defiance.
During this workshop we will engage in safety in a holistic manner, digital, physical and most importantly psycho-social and self-care as well as get insight into the legal frameworks in Iceland that define what rights individuals have and what can be expected from law enforcement.


Andrými is currently not accessible to wheelchairs, and challenging to access for people who have difficulties going up steps.

There is a step before the garden gate and then 5 steps leading to the main entrance, each 17 cm high, door widths in the building vary between 50 cm (upstairs washroom door) and 80 cm (entrance door).
The washrooms are so far only on the upper floor and in the basement. The door to the meeting room is 75 cm wide (as most other doors in the building). The event takes place on the ground floor. There is no bathroom on the ground floor.

Both washrooms in the building are gender neutral. Pronoun badges are available.

The library will serve as a space of calm for folx who need to minimize input (sound, light, people) and who need to be able to opt in and out of sessions. We will be able to have the workshop in multiple languages, English, Icelandic, Danish and basic Spanish. We will provide food and snack to make the space accessible to folx who have little leeway or space for extra budgetary considerations.